Monday, 11 July 2016

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 7th July 2016

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland show dated 7th July 2016. A link to the show can be found here: 

The Boogie Wonderland Show -07/07/2016 Playlist
Art Blakey
 Along Came Betty
Albert Ayler
Christian Scott
Esa Pietilä
 Mountain Space
Herbie Hancock Quintet
 Eighty One (Album Version)
Loco Ironico
 Beautiful Land
New Tide Orquesta
 The Buffalo Stance
Tyler Greenfield
No Te Importe Saber
Utsav Lal
 Swar Alap
Die dicken Finger
 gemastert 2
Oliver Stiedle Interview
 Part 1
Killing Popes
Oliver Stiedle Interview
 Part 2
Oliver Stiedle
 Beast Mode
Killing Popes
Oliver Stiedle Interview
 Part 3
Oliver Stiedle
 Octave Medley part3
Oliver Stiedle Interview
 Part 4
Die dicken Finger
Oliver Stiedle
Der diebische Elst
Boney James
Dirk K
 Snap Jam
Rocco Ventrella
 Stay Close To Me
Patrick Bradley
 Blue Skies
Eyolf Dale
 The Creek
Jan Lundgren
 Det vore synd att dö än
Jason Rebello
 As the Dust Settles
Yelena Eckemoff
 Surviving The Famine
Joachim Kuhn
Sleep On It (Stand High Patrol)
Njet Njet 9
 And Then I Kissed Her
Nat Birchall
 A Luta Continua

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