Wednesday, 19 July 2017

SudTirol Jazz Festival All You Need To Know

The Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige is something of a ground-breaker itself: sure-footed, yet treading carefully over the “tricky” patches, the festival blazes new trails through the musical landscape, putting the mainstream jazz and concert halls of the area at risk of extinction. With contrasts and fusions in unusual concert venues and new worlds of sounds, event organisers and artists follow the path less travelled in the quest for tones unheard of and melodies unimaginable.

Hundreds of jazz artists have come to the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige as guests over the years, including world-famous names on the international stage and aspiring young musicians from the world over.

The Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige was held for the first time in 1982 under the name of “Jazz Summer”, which went on to become “Jazz & Other”. While in the early years the concerts were played only in Bolzano itself, today the festival stretches throughout the whole of South Tyrol and beyond.

Premiers are the rule rather than the exception here, and many concerts are unique events which can only be experienced in this setting and in these South Tyrolean venues. The land becomes the stage, and jazz a part of the landscape. Musicians play in the towns and on the mountains, at lakes and rivers, in the squares and on the streets, in parks and castles, hotels and factory halls. Urban spaces, rocky mountain slopes and mountain pastures, with culinary climaxes and mesmerising music melting into one unique festival experience.

The Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige begins each year on the last Friday of June and ends 10 days later on the first Sunday in July. Over 150 musicians from all corners of the Earth take part in the event, playing 90 concerts in over 50 different venues.

Track Listings for The Crazeology Radio Show 8th July 2017

Below is the track listing for the Crazeology Radio show dated 8th July 2017.  A link to the show can be found here:

The Crazeology Radio Show - 08/07/2017
Havana Maestros
 Good Times ft Chic
Ensemble Novo
 Casa Forte
Nomade Orquestra
Rinoceronte Blues
Stuart McCullum
 North Star feat  Sharlene Hector
Christian Scott
Desire and the Burning Girl
Rob Luft
Silke Eberhard Trio
 Versteckter Kitsch
Aruán Ortiz
Bill Cunliffe
 Blame It On My Youth
 Night Rider
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 1
Pol Belardi
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 2
Dave Helbock Trio
 Spiritual Monk
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 3
Kompost 3
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 4
Patrick Butler
 C Major Stew
Trevor Lawerence Jr
 Huh (EQ2) (feat Maurice Mo'Betta' Brown, Chelsea Baratz)
Sibusile Xaba
 Inkululeko (Reprise)
Sabrina Malheiros
Ray Anthony & PowerSlyde
The Allen Carman Project
Roberto Tola
 Sardinia Dream
Walter Beasley
 Now What
Dave Koz
 Together Again
Will Sumner
Billy Jenkins

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 6th July 2017

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland Show dated 6th July 2017. A link to the show can be found here:

The Boogie Wonderland Show -07/07/2017 Playlist
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
 Into Forever Feat Josephine Oniyama Barck (Comixxx Remix)
Stee Downes
 Lost Sight Of Love (JRS Version)
Kurtis Blows
 The Breaks
De La Soul
 Me Myself And I
Heavy D n The Boyz
 We Got Our Own Thang
 Lose Sleep feat  Jordan Rakei
Rob Green
Emmanuel Harold
Special Time ft Saunders Sermon II mst16
Dara Tucker
Tonight feat Stephstaa
I'm Good
Arthur Vercvai
Dona Das Mininas
 Night Rider
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 1
Pol Belardi
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 2
Dave Helbock Trio
 Spiritual Monk
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 3
Kompost 3
SudTirolJazzFestival Director Klaus Widmann
 Interview Part 4
 Les flics de la police
Alemayehu Eshete
Aruán Ortiz
  Louverture Op 1 (Château De Joux)
Silke Eberhard Trio
Ding Dong
Andrew McCormack
Dominique Eade & Ran Blake
 Moon River
Daniel Chia
Dante Fire
 Porsea City
Rocco Ventrella
 Snap Your Fingers
Russ Hewitt 05
 North of Home
Adam Hawley
 I Don't Mind
Bill Cunliffe
Goldberg Contraption

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kevin Haynes All You Need To Know

In 1987 Kevin Haynes performed his first jazz gig as a percussionist with the flautist Phil Bent and his band. After a few shows with Phil's band saxophonist Steve Williamson asked Haynes to do some shows with his band. Haynes worked with the Wiliamson band from 1987 to 1993. During those 5 years Kevin started to meet and perform with other young and older jazz musicians in London. Those include: Clifford Jarvis, Ed Jones, The Jazz Warriors, Ed Bently, Jean Toussaint, Alan Weeks, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Courtney Pine, Clade Deppa, Orphy Robinson, Alex Wilson, David Jean-Baptist, Roger Boujale, David Puttman, Wiliam Cumberbache.

1990. Haynes began percussion classes with Baba Sheder, Director of Osumare Brazilian Theatre Company. 1993 He went to Havana, Cuba, to study Afro Cuban Folkloric music and dance, Making five more trips to Cuba in 94, 96, 97, 99 and 2003. While in Cuba Haynes studied with Angelo Bolanos, Armando Aballi Fundor and Rehino, founders of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, the foremost state-sponsored troupe in both Cuba and abroad, performing Afro-Cuban traditional dance and music. He also studied with percussionists Millan Gali Rivery from Santiago de Cuba, on the eastern part of the island, and Octavio Rodriguez from Havana.

1994. Performed with saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith's band as a saxophonist and percussionist. Later this year Haynes formed his band Grupo Elegua and first performed at the Battersea Arts Canter and the Jazz Cafe.

In 1995 Haynes went to New York and spent some time studying and playing with Felipe Villamil and his group Emikeke. This legendary ensemble had been founded in the 1950s in the town of Matanza, which is considered the cradle of Afro-Cuban traditions.
During this time in the Big Apple Haynes further developed his musicianship by participating in jam sessions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as performing Quartet gigs around New York City.
1996-2003 Grupo Elegua records three albums and gigs around the UK.

1998 Haynes tours Nigeria with British R&B star Caron Wheeler.

2002-2003 Haynes tours Europe repeatedly with Nigerian musician Keziah Jones as percussionist and saxophone player.

Kevin Haynes on recording sessions.

1989 Ed Jones's the homecoming on Acid Jazz Steve Wiliamson 'A Waltz for Grace' on Verve Records.
1990 - David Jaen-Baptist 'Grooving on a Four'
1994 - Vaughan Hawthorne's the Gift. TLM Records.
Wiliam Cumberbache 's Tumbaito Otros tiempos on Viceroy Records
1997 - Alan Weeks music on Japanese Records.
1998 - Neil Sparks. Interchil Records
2000 - Kevin Haynes Recordings. One track from a compilation LP from Jazz on CD magazine, titled 'Takin Off' track name - 'Walking in the Right'.
1995 - Haynes recorded a compilation track for EMI records titled 'Do The Bar Thing', track name - 'Bebopper'.
1997 Haynes recorded Grupo Elegua's first album 'Tomorrows Path' with Native Music Records.
2001 - Haynes recorded a Yoruba Folkloric music LP entitled 'Iwori Osa' on Oduniyi Records.
2002. Ori Ire is released by Oduniyi Records

Performing & Musical Education. 

1983-84. North London College a City & Guilds Performing Arts course in drama dance music.
1988- 89. Kingsway College for music theory courses
1988-89. Began saxophone classes at Islington Arts Community Center.

Haynes the Dancer.

1986-90. Oshumare Brazilian Folkloric theater company, Afro International a Dance company performing music & dance from Ghana and Nigeria
1991-92. Dance Company 7, Afro Caribbean and contemporary dance

Track Listings for The Crazeology Radio Show 1st July 2017

Below is the track listing for the Crazeology Radio show dated 1st July 2017.  A link to the show can be found here:

The Crazeology Radio Show - 01/07/2017
Barry Guy
Carlo Mombelli
Little Window in the Kitchen
Natalia Mateo
Kenny Garrett
Persian Steps
Keith Jarrett
So Tender
Eric Bibb &Celtic Roots Ensemble
St James Infirmary
Ivo Neame
Maurice Goldberg
Kevin Haynes 
Tears rolling down her face
KevinHaynes Interview
 Part 1
Kevin Haynes
Lying waiting
KevinHaynes Interview
 Part 2
Kevin Haynes
 E Eee Pa Baba
KevinHaynes Interview
 Part 3
Kevin Haynes
Ori Ire
KevinHaynes Interview
 Part 4
Kevin Haynes
Ambrose Akinmusire
Christian Scott
The Horizon
San Francisco String Trio
 Being For The Benefit Of Mr
Vels Trio
Kirk Fischer
Thunder And Lightning
Mattias Roos
 Movin' Up feat
Myron 'PhausterChyld' Foster
 Latin Dance feat  Dee Lucas
Valeriy Stepanov
 Half Moon
Project Grand Slam
 Fishin’ feat Mindi Abair
Alex Goodman
Alexander Hawkins