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Lars Danielsson All You Need To Know

Swedish bassist, cellist, composer and arranger Lars Danielsson is well-know and admired throughout the International jazz scene for his lyrical playing and strong groove. Born in 1958, he is a musician with particularly broad interests. At the conservatory in Gothenburg he had studied classical cello, before changing to bass and to jazz. As a bassist he has a uniquely rounded sound, which is as lyrical as powerful.

The "Lars Danielsson Quartet" with former Miles Davis saxophonist David Liebman, pianist Bobo Stenson and legendary ECM drummer Jon Christensen has received a lot of recognition and numerous awards during the 18 years of its existence. Danielsson has released ten solo-albums since 1980 with his quartet and guests such as Alex Acuña and John Abercrombie. The Quartet has been a testing ground for Danielsson's work as a composer and arranger, which has extended over the last years to include both - symphony orchestra and big band music. He has worked with Denmark's Radio Concert Orchestra as well as the JazzBaltica Ensemble as a composer, arranger and producer.

Lars Danielsson has worked with: Randy and Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Jack DeJohnette, Mike Stern, Billy Hart, Charles Lloyd, Terri Lyne Carrington and Dave Kikoski. He has also been a member of the "Trilok Gurtu Group".

As a producer, Lars Danielsson worked with Cæcilie Norby, Jonas Johansen, the Danish Radio Concert Orchestra and Viktoria Tolstoy.

In 2007, he received a commission for a piece with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra featuring himself as a soloist together with Leszek Moždžer. He has also received a commission from the NDR Big Band and Wolfgang Haffner to write a piece for the JazzBaltica Festival 2007. Furthermore, he has been working with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Vytas Sondeckis and Bugge Wesseltoft.

His 2008 album "Pasodoble" was a huge success. Jazzwise UK wrote about Danielsson's collaboration with Polish pianist Leszek Moždžer: "A clarity of thought and execution rarely encountered in jazz."

"Pasodoble" was followed by another collaboration with Leszek Moždžer on the 2009 album "Tarantella". Once more the album caused enthusiastic reactions by Jazzwise: "Easily Danielsson's finest album to date, it also numbers among the finest albums in the ACT catalogue."

On his 2012 release "Liberetto", Lars Daniellson teams up with Armenian piano shooting Star "Tigran", e.s.t. drummer Magnus Öström guitarist John Paricelli and Trumpeter Arve Henriksen to discovers new musical spaces and the freedom of music between chamber jazz, classic and European folk music.

STERN magazine (DE) attested "Liberetto" a "mighty energy" that unleashes itself from a power centre of serenity. With his current album "Liberetto" (2014) Lars Danielsson and his quartet take that energy a step further.

Lars Danielsson on ACT:

ACT 9571-2 LIBERETTO II - with Tigran, Magnus Öström, John Paricelli & Mathias Eick
ACT 9520-2 LIBERETTO - with Tigran, Magnus Öström, John Paricelli & Arve Henriksen
ACT 9477-2 TARANTELLA - with Leszek Moždžer, Mathias Eick, Eric Harland & John Paricelli
ACT 9458-2 PASODOBLE - with Leszek Moždžer
ACT 9457-2 MAGNUM MYSTERIUM - with Jan Lundgren & Gustaf Sjörvist Chamber Choir
ACT 9445-2 SALZAU MUSIC ON THE WATER - with Christopher Dell and Nils Landgren
ACTSACD 9800-2 LIBERA ME - with David Liebman, Jon Christensen & Cæcilie Norby

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 23rd June 2016

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland show dated 23rd June 2016. A link to the show can be found here: 

The Boogie Wonderland Show -23/06/2016 Playlist
Lack of Afro
 Now I Feel Good [feat Elliott Cole]
Bey Bright presents Carronne Jones 
 Who Can Explain
Stee Downes
Lake By the Ocean
 The Quiet Storm
Normande Orquestra
Elisabetta Antonini
 Cookin at the Continental
Modern Art Orchestra
 Caffeine Express
 Never Since
Andreas Schaerer meets Arte Qurtett & Wolfgang Zwiauer
David Zakarian
Danielsson Neset Lund
  Sun Blowing
Lars Danielsson Interview
 Part 1
Danielsson Neset Lund
  Up North
Lars Danielsson Interview
 Part 2
Danielsson Neset Lund
Lars Danielsson Interview
 Part 3
Danielsson Neset Lund
 Little Jump
Lars Danielsson Interview
 Part 4
Danielsson Neset Lund
  Evening Song For B
Danielsson Neset Lund
 Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody
The Tramps
 The Night the Lights Went Out
The Spinners
  I'll Be Around [Mike Maurro Mix][Mix]
Kool and the Gang
Curtis Hairston
Take Charge
Mass Production
 Can't See I'm Fired Up
Sister Sledge
 Circle of Love (Caught in the Middle)
The Pointer Sisters
The Emotions
Brook Benton
 Let Me Fix It
Lalo Schifrin

Track Listings for The Crazeology Radio Show 18th June 2016

Below is the track listing for the Crazeology Radio show dated 18th June 2016. A link to the show can be found here: 

Sandy Gabriel
 Cha Cha
Modern Art Orchestra
 Caffeine Express
Mark Edwards
 This Love Affair feat Claire Martin
Elisabetta Antonini
 Cookin at the Continental
Andreas Schaerer meets Arte Qurtett & Wolfgang Zwiauer
 Never Since
Ross McHenry
 Malmsbury Shale
 Waiting for the Sun
David Zakarian
Aaron Parks
 Toward Awakening
Michael Walker
 Lets Do It
Trio Subtonic
 Bottom Feeders
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
 Las Cosas Simples (Androoval_Remix)
Deon Yates
Guitar Island
Richie Cannata
Great South Bay
Nicolas Bearde
Falling In Love Again
Rudresh Mahanthappa
 Waiting Is Forbidden

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Trio Subtonic All You Need To Know

Trio Subtonic is a groove heavy power trio out of Portland, Oregon that blends genre bending funk with slow burning underground soul jazz.  Led by keyboardist Galen Clark, Subtonic explores a coalescence of rock, soul, funk, hip hop and jazz that simultaneously draws in listeners and pushes boundaries.  Creating a sonic footprint reserved for more than just three people, Subtonic delivers soulful grooves, expansive improvisations and a deep pocket that compels audiences to try dance moves they didn't know they had.

Trio Subtonic consists of Galen Clark on keyboards, Bill Athens on bass and Russ Kleiner on drums.  The group has performed with Dan Balmer, A Love Electric, JFJO, Scott Pemberton, D'Vonne Lewis, Michal Angela and more.  Touring extensively on the West Coast, East Coast and in Mexico, Subtonic brings dynamic energy to festivals, jazz clubs and watering holes alike and has garnered admiration from a wide variety of fans and critics.

The lis­tener will find funky, groove-oriented sounds, acoustic bal­lads, and gospel-tinged instru­men­tals. Trio Subtonic’s “pop­ulist” take on Jazz means that just about every­body digs what they’re doing. Best of all, this record is “designed” well, mak­ing for a diverse lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence from begin­ning till end. –Matt Fleeger, KMHD
No secret to North­west jazz afi­ciona­dos, Trio Subtonic oper­ate within simul­ta­ne­ously soul­ful and funk-heavy arrange­ments. High­lighted by the daz­zling key-work of Galen Clark, the trio is a ver­i­ta­ble mon­ster hybrid of jazz fusion.  –PDX Pop Now

In an indus­try becom­ing increas­ingly over­crowded with crossover acts, Port­land, Oregon’s Trio Subtonic has carved out their own iden­tity… The trio has embraced the sounds that sur­round them and crafted a cohe­sive, expertly sequenced record that should pack dance­floors and demand care­ful lis­ten­ing.  –

Keyboards / Galen Clark
Bass / Bill Athens

Drums / Russ Kleiner

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 16th June 2016

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland show dated 16th June 2016. A link to the show can be found here: 

The Boogie Wonderland Show -16/06/2016 Playlist
Deep Street Soul
 The Hardest Part Is Knowing
Hannah White 
Neva Shouda Left Ya
Al Castellana
 A Man Like Me
The Sound Principle
 What's The Reason (Intimate Radio Mix)
Mister Cotton
 Turn This Party Out
 Eight Hours
Verneri Pohjola
 Cold Blooded
 Breathing out my soul
Spin Marvel
 Dust in Eyebeam
Cro Magnon Jin
 QP Funk [Bonus Track]
Trio Subtonic
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
 Night Runners
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
 Sand Dollar
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
Hernan's Groove
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
So Far
Trio Subtonic
 Bottom Feeders
Magic in Threes
 Hold Me Down
Aaron Parnell Brown
 Just Leave (Soul Talk UK Remix)
Sonny Benton  The Typhoons
 Brothers on the Slide
The Sentinels
 Razor Blade
The Haggis Horns
 Return Of The Haggis
Jack Costanzo &His Afro Cuban Band
Kane Sugar
 The Bump
Larry Covin
Quarter Street
Renegades Of Jazz
 Paradise Regained Tamerlane feat Greg Blackman (Dropshop Mirrorball Mix)
Seeds of Fulfillment
The Provider
Positive Flow
 Children Of The Sun feat Heidi Vogel (Rowpieces Remix)