Saturday, 18 June 2016

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 16th June 2016

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland show dated 16th June 2016. A link to the show can be found here: 

The Boogie Wonderland Show -16/06/2016 Playlist
Deep Street Soul
 The Hardest Part Is Knowing
Hannah White 
Neva Shouda Left Ya
Al Castellana
 A Man Like Me
The Sound Principle
 What's The Reason (Intimate Radio Mix)
Mister Cotton
 Turn This Party Out
 Eight Hours
Verneri Pohjola
 Cold Blooded
 Breathing out my soul
Spin Marvel
 Dust in Eyebeam
Cro Magnon Jin
 QP Funk [Bonus Track]
Trio Subtonic
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
 Night Runners
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
 Sand Dollar
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
Hernan's Groove
Trio Subtonic Interview
Trio Subtonic
So Far
Trio Subtonic
 Bottom Feeders
Magic in Threes
 Hold Me Down
Aaron Parnell Brown
 Just Leave (Soul Talk UK Remix)
Sonny Benton  The Typhoons
 Brothers on the Slide
The Sentinels
 Razor Blade
The Haggis Horns
 Return Of The Haggis
Jack Costanzo &His Afro Cuban Band
Kane Sugar
 The Bump
Larry Covin
Quarter Street
Renegades Of Jazz
 Paradise Regained Tamerlane feat Greg Blackman (Dropshop Mirrorball Mix)
Seeds of Fulfillment
The Provider
Positive Flow
 Children Of The Sun feat Heidi Vogel (Rowpieces Remix)

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