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Christoph Irniger All You Need To Know

Christoph Irniger, born 1979, is a Swiss saxophonist, composer and bandleader. According to the Sunday edition of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung he is “undoubtedly one of the greatest talents of his generation.” In recent years, Irniger has made a name for himself in a range of line-ups, playing jazz, rock and related musical styles. As a musician from a generation which likes to work on multiple projects in eclectic styles, he leads a range of outfits, all distinct and surprising musically. The Swiss magazine Jazz ’N‘ More writes: “He comes up with something new each time by leaving the beaten tracks of sound. He doesn’t just look briefly left and right; he fights his way into the thicket.” An instrumentalist with a firm education, and a composer with an artistic vision, he consistently generates new ideas, realised thanks to a passion for music. German magazine Jazzthetik says: “People who know about jazz will confirm that he is one of the most promising musicians in contemporary Swiss jazz.”

Irniger is leader of the band Pilgrim (with Dave Gisler, Stefan Aeby, Raffaele Bossard and Michael Stulz) and the Christoph Irniger Trio (with Raffaele Bossard and Ziv Ravitz), which between them have released four albums so far: two by the Trio, Gowanus Canal (Intakt Records 2013) and Octopus (Intakt Records, 2015) and two from Pilgrim, Mt. Tongariro (Between The Lines, 2011) and Italian Circus Story (Intakt Records, 2014). The latter featured in three best album lists of 2014, including Cadence Magazine (USA). Jazzwise (UK) described them as “a homegrown rising young sax star’s quintet!“ Irniger’s debut recording Chat Noir was released in 2008 on Brambus Records.

Irniger loves jazz, and his playing is strongly rooted in this tradition, influenced by its various exponents. He does not see jazz as representing a particular sound or content, however, but as a way of making music. He says, “to me jazz is that music which always processes the music of its time. It’s more about how you play than what you play.” He gets ideas from every style of music, and from life itself; in this sense, the main inspirations are his home, Lake Zurich, the mountains, his family, people, travelling (above all New York) and a range of other art-forms. They give him the themes and feed his passion for music, and Irniger places melody above everything else. Even in dense, complex passages, or within free jazz playing, he seeks out the moment, and tries to give the various instruments’ melodic lines equal weight. The journalist Peter Haffner writes of his compositions, “the pieces are tone poems, which show that catchy melodies and complex soundscapes need not be mutually exclusive, in fact they each need the other to come to fruition.”

His regular visits to Berlin and New York have led to a number of diverse collaborations, including: Nasheet Waits (No Reduce Jaywalkin’ (nWog, 2013)), Don Philippe, and the band Counterpoints with Ohad Talmor, Bänz Oester and Vinnie Sperrazza. He has also played with Dave Douglas, Chris Lightcap, Dan Weiss, Nils Wogram, Claudio Puntin, Max Frankl, Stefan Rusconi, Mats Spillmann, Christian Weber, Chris Wiesendanger and Vera Kappeler. He was a member of the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra for seven years and can be heard on four of their recordings. He is also co-leader of the prog-rock band Cowboys from Hell.

From 2000 to 2006 Irniger studied music education at the Zurich Jazz School, and performance at the Lucerne School of Music with Christoph Grab and Nat Su. In the following years he took lessons from Dave Liebman, Mark Turner and Ari Hoenig. He won the Friedel Wald Foundation development award in 2004, received the Borsa di Studio for Siena Jazz University in 2006 and achieved third place in the 2010 ZKB Jazz Prize with the Cowboys from Hell. Between 2015 and 2017 his band Pilgrim were awarded high priority act from Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council. His work has been documented on twenty albums to date, five under his own name. He has played concerts and tours throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

Christoph Irniger initiated the concert series Jazz im Seefeld and was co-founder of the Jazzwerkstatt Zürich festival. He is also part of the programming team for the Unerhört! Festival and teaches at Zurich University of the Arts and the Musikschule Konservatorium in Zurich.

Track Listings for The Crazeology Radio Show 17th June 2017

Below is the track listing for the Crazeology Radio show dated 17th June 2017.  A link to the show can be found here:

The Crazeology Radio Show - 17/06/2017
Nomade Orquestra
 Jardins de Zaira
The Brett Gold New York Jazz Orchestra
Vadim Neselovskyi Trio
San Felio
Justin Adams
Youn Sun Nah
Too Late
Nils Landgren Funk Unit
Parisien Peirani Schaerer Wollny
Kabinett V
Richie Beirach & Gregor Huebner
You Don't Know What Love Is
Christoph Irniger
 Ocean Avenue
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 1
Christoph Irniger
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 2
Christoph Irniger
 Ending At The District
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 3
Christoph Irniger
 Lost In Space
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 4
Christoph Irniger
Entering The Concert Hall
Eddie Palmieri
The Uprising
Eric Jekabson Quintet
Adam Turchin
 Tell Me No Dreams Sell Me No Schemes (feat Kate Faust)
Trombone Shorty
It Ain't No Use
Raoul Björkenheim Triad
Mike Hamilton Day Dreaming.mp3
 Day Dreaming
Valeriy Stepanov
Elan Trotman
Island Gal'
Eric Valentine
Back To The Groove
Lisa Biales
What A Man
Tony Allen
A Night In Tunisia

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 15th June 2017

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland Show dated 15th June 2017. A link to the show can be found here:

The Boogie Wonderland Show -15/05/2017 Playlist
Brian Power
 Aint No Party Final Instrumental Master v1
 Flowers Tears (Michele Chiavarini & DJ Spen Soul Flower Remix)
Brian McKnight
Orkesta Mendoza
 Mambo A La Rosano
Stone Foundation
The Limit of a Man (Radio Edit)
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee
 Year Of The Funky
Duct Tape
 Goin' Back Home
Shaun Escoffrey & Andreya Triana
 Here Comes The Rain Again
Ziggy Funk
 Boxers Fracture MST
 Soul Sound System
Imagination Ft. Leee John
 Retropia EP
Christoph Irniger
 Ocean Avenue
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 1
Christoph Irniger
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 2
Christoph Irniger
 Ending At The District
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 3
Christoph Irniger
 Lost In Space
Christoph Irniger interview
 Part 4
Christoph Irniger
Entering The Concert Hall
Denys Baptiste
Andre Rievers
 Você (As)
Adam Ben Ezra
 Brown Piano
Karim Sahraoui
Gang Of Love
Joao Selva
Vincent Ingala
 Nasty RE
Richard Elliott
 Harry The Hipster
Art Sherrod
 Side Step
Elan Trotman
 Island Gal'
Herb Alpert
Harris Eisenstadt
 Part 2
Ma Play
Roni Ben Hur, Santi Debriano
  Green Chimneys

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Radek Wosko All You Need To Know

Drummer, composer, arranger, educated M. D. Raised in Szczecin, Poland, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Master in Jazz Performance and Composition at Danish National Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark, Rhytmic Music Department. Leader of different projects from trio, quartet to large ensemble. Active member of collective bands, mostly Danish-Polish, like Entrails United, Entropy, The Beat Freaks among others. Grand Prix Winner of 49. International Jazz Nad Odrą Festival in Wrocław, Poland (2013). Receiver of Entrepreneurship Prize from the Danish Musicians’ Union (2016). The previous records have been critically acclaimed in Europe as well as the US. The upcoming release Atlantic (MultiKulti Project) features the guitar wizard Gilad Hekselman and focuses on finding a common ground for various inspirations.

Radek took up piano at the age of 6 and classical percussion at the age of 11. Even tough music was an important part of his upbringing it was not until late teenage years when he developed an interest for the drums and started pursuing various styles of music. After graduating from med school in Poland he moved to Denmark to leave everything behind and investigate jazz and improvised music on a deeper level. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma specialising in combining contemporary music with modern jazz drumming. He has toured, recorded and performed in Poland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Ghana, Benin, Kenya and Tanzania. Some of the highlights of his collaborations include the legendary Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stańko, as well as guitarists Gilad Hekselman and Lionel Loueke. He is also active on both Danish and Polish scenes, playing with who’s who from various musical genres.

Track Listings for The Crazeology Radio Show 10th June 2017

Below is the track listing for the Crazeology Radio show dated 10th June 2017.  A link to the show can be found here:

The Crazeology Radio Show - 10/06/2017
Ekambi Brilliant
 Soul Castle (Silkie Edit Over Dub)
Afro National
 Jokenge (IG Culture Edit)
Alemayehu Eshete
Tchero adari negn
Mahmoud Ahmed
 Mar teb yelal kafesh
Mulatu Astatqe
Yegelle Tezeta
 Mosi Zole
Alex Goodman
Brian McCarthy
 Battle Cry of Freedom
Oliver Stiedle
Octave Medley
Radek Interview
 Part 1
 Deep Forest2
Radek Interview
 Part 2
 East River2
Radek Interview
 Part 3
Bright Eyes
Radek Interview
 Part 4
The Comet is Coming
 Start Running
Sean Jones
Docs Holiday
Steve Davis
Diana Krall
 If I Take You Home Tonight
Rocco Ventrella 
Snap Your Fingers
Ed Maina
This Is The Moment
Carol Albert
Paolo Rustichelli
Darryl Williams
Here To Stay RE
Nicholas Payton
 El Guarjiro