Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Track Listings for The Crazeology Radio Show 25th February 2017

Below is the track listing for the Crazeology Radio show dated 25th February 2017.  A link to the show can be found here:

The Crazeology Radio Show - 26/02/2017
John Beasley
Adam Schneit
 Different Times
Alfredo Rodriguez
Cyrille Aimee
 Lazy Afternoon
Viktoria Tolstoy
New World
John Scofield
Lars Fiil
Progress In The Name Of
Andreas Schaerer
 Wig Alert
Pablo Held
 Cinema Paradiso
Marcus Wyatt
Raindance (Gathering
Marcus Wyatt Interview
 Part 1
Marcus Wyatt
Prayer For Nkosi Part 1 (Africans in Space
Marcus Wyatt Interview
 Part 2
Marcus Wyatt
Prayer for Nkosi
Marcus Wyatt Interview
 Part 3
Marcus Wyatt
The outcast shelters the wanderer (Language 12
Marcus Wyatt Interview
 Part 4
Marcus Wyatt
That Day She Left (One Life in the Sun
Reza Brava
Barton Rage & Bill Laswell
 Waters of Mirage
Bernie Worrell
 Ooh Child
Point of Departure
Carol Albert
 On My Way
Sean U
 60 Miles
Jazmin Ghent
Michael Lington
 Midnight Drive (Radio edit)
Will Calhoun
 Harmonique (from 'Celebrating Elvin Jones')

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