Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Klabbes Bank All You Need to Know

“To a secularized quasi-hipster with the just the right touch of angst, astronomy at a popular science level that describes the vastness of the universe has what it takes to calm a frantic society so impossible to adjust to at times. The constantly growing distance to other planets and suns provides a flakey feeling of solitude and you can study this general expansion of the universe by way of the Doppler effect of light —> redshift—> Z.”

That’s what it sounds like when the bandleader attempts to put the next chapter of the Klabbes bank saga into words while also explaining the title of their latest album. Over the course of a few days in Gothenburg’s Studio Kungsten, the band recorded their fifth album, “Z”. Ever since that first gig in Gothenburg back in 2002, the band’s music—directed by Klas-Henrik ”Klabbe” Hörngren—has always been in transition. This album marks yet another change of musical direction, yet it is still possible to clearly detect a certain something that’s been there since their debut album “Musik för såna som mormor & morfar” from 2004. Klabbe goes on to explain: “The compositions feature the highly individual voices of three wind instruments bathing in a trio producing an electronic ocean. Occasionally they float on top, other times they’re submerged, bringing forth music that ripples and crests like waves.

In recent years, Klabbes bank has toured extensively throughout Scandinavia with appearances in Great Britain and Mexico, where “Protect the Forest” was rereleased. This album also made it to numerous Best Release of the Year lists in 2012 as well as receiving Grammis, Jazzkatt and Mani- fest nominations. The record before that, “Je Suis La Mer”, was named 2009’s Best Swedish Jazz Release by Swedish dailies SvD and DN. That might seem like a lot to live up to, but luckily Klabbe and his bank don’t take that approach. They simply take yet another step forward in the world, in music and towards the future. March 25, 2015 marks the highly anticipated release of their fifth album, and the band will be touring Sweden.

Klabbes bank:

Klas-Henrik Hörngren - keys.
Pontus Hedström - sx.
Thomas Backman - sx, kl, bskl, fl
Kristoffer Alehed - tb.
Jacob Öhrvall - b, synthb.
Martin Öhman - tr, eleker

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