Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 2nd March 2017

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland Show dated 2nd March 2017. A link to the show can be found here:

The Boogie Wonderland Show -02/03/2017 Playlist
 The Night Is Calling (Master)
 Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover
Ryle & Flemming
Two Way Love Affair
Sam Thornton
 So Excited
Shaun Escoffrey
Healing Me (Nigel Lowis 12Inch Mix)
 Gift of Love
Edith Peters
 This Is The Moment  (Rework by Gerardo Frisina)
Jermaine Peterson
 Saturday's Child
Kim Tibbs
 I Need You for Your Love!
Rachel Modest
 I (Who Have Nothing)
Maggie Somers
 The Name Game
Mario Biondi
 This Is Where You Are
Ronnie H
 I Wanted Your Love
Klabbes Bank
Klabbes Bank
 Dina Vackra Lockar
Klabbes Interview
 Part 1
Klabbes Bank
 I'm The Sea_Z
Klabbes Interview
 Part 2
Klabbes Bank
 Protect The Forest Protect the Forest
Klabbes Interview
 Part 3
Klabbes Bank
 Stressen_Music for peple like Grandma and Grandpa
Klabbes Interview
 Part 4
Klabbes Bank
Klabbes Bank
 Yngre_Je Suis La Mer
Klabbes Bank
John Scofield
Andreas Schaerer
 Wig Alert
Cyrille Aimee
 Lazy Afternoon
Viktoria Tolstoy
New World
John Beasley
Lars Fiil
Progress In The Name Of
Pablo Held
 Cinema Paradiso
Adam Schneit
 Different Times
Alfredo Rodriguez

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