Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Defenders Of Funk What You Need to Know

Band: Defenders of Funk 
Publishing Company: Swamp Thunder Music
Twitter: @DefendersOfFunk

Band Members (THE CORE):
Jimmy Capley-Guitars
Jadon Figuerido-Drums/Percussion
Andrew Najera-Bass

Guest Appearances:
Nathan Becker (Lead Guitar)
Kevin Burton (Hammond, Keyboards)
Ryan Scott (Trumpet)
Sean Berry (Saxaphone, Flute)
Mike Rinta (Trombone, Tuba)

Debut Album: East Bay Grease
Release date: February 2015

The Defenders of Funk Aka "The DōF" started as a musical project the Fall of 2007. The focus was to create music with strong Funk,Soul and jazz overtones by being Strongly Influenced by the Early 70's Funk Rock movement. These influences traversed into what the DōF is today which also includes stout jazz overtones, Funky rhythms, Eddie "Hazel-ish" guitar solos, symphonic horns, melodious bass playing, Solid and in the pocket drum beats. 

The DōF is not just a band but can be described more as an "Evolving Project". Jimmy Capley and Jadon Figuerido decided that they wanted artists on their projects that they looked up to within their favorite genres. "The Core" members will lay the foundation, record the tracks live, and then the "Search" is on! Each song calls for a specific type of musical styling which is where the fun really begins. Individual artists are discussed amongst The Core and once the players are decided on, efforts are made to contact the Guest Appearances. The goal is to pull Artists from the past that were relevant to the Genre and to spotlight new Artists that have been heavily influenced by these. 

The Debut Album "East Bay Grease" pays homage to the Bay Areas rich Funk History and even flirts with some New Orleans Funk stylings. The DōF strongly encourages listening to their music with the "headphones on" to truly appreciate the collage of sound, creativity and cinematic imagery that will be called to mind. 

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