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Led Bib What You Need to Know

Led Bib was formed in 2003 by drummer/composer Mark Holub and played its first gig on February 24th, 2004. The group released their first album in May 2005 to widespread critical praise and went on to win the 2005 Peter Whittingham Jazz Award. Their second album Sizewell Tea was released in 2007 through iconic London based record label Babel. It was quickly followed by a limited edition live release, but it was the release of their 4th album Sensible Shoes that saw them experience widespread acclaim following the announcement that they were chosen as an Album of the Year in the Barclaycard Mercury Prize. The ensuing media storm saw them reach in excess of 20 million people as they performed on TV & Radio sessions including Channel 4 TV News with Jon Snow and playing live on BBC 2.
In 2011 they released Bring Your Own, their second album for US based Cuneiform Records, which was quickly hailed as a stand out success, getting 4 and 5 star reviews across the board. Led Bib continue to appeal to all fans of good music – it’s the reason that drum and bass heads, jazz aficionados and folk and pop fans are dotted across their audiences. They have drawn references from across the musical spectrum from Captain Beefheart and John Zorn to Pink Floyd and Miles Davis. 2014 sees the release of two new albums to celebrate their 10th anniversary the studio album 'The People in Your Neighbourhood' and the limited edition live vinyl 'The Good Egg' and both are already being hailed as modern classics and their best yet.
Old Press Quotes:
“Part free improv, part art-rock, the band’s uncompromising formula puts them in the vanguard of the new school of British jazz” The Sunday Times
"Quite possibly they're the missing link between jazz, prog and experimental rock, which puts them in a field of one" The Scotsman
“A mix of darting Zappa-jazz hooks, sinister electronics, Ornette Colemanesque sax and hefty rock drumming” The Guardian
"a lean, mean, improv-rocking jazz machine....”Time Out
“One of the UK’s most adventurous groups” Jazzwise cover feature

"Like a wake up call from an air-raid siren" Irish Tribune
"Every number is cleverly honed to leave you wanting just that bit more." The Telegraph
“Like the late Captain Beefheart, Led Bib know a thing or two about ugly beauty.” The Times
“Led Bib are among very few artists who seem less interested in following anyone else's traditions than starting their own! Highly recommended!” Yahoo Music
“for audiences from bebop diehards to thrash-metal headbangers via punk, world music or John Zornian abstractions, this still-growing group's fearless exuberance goes on being a blast of fresh air.” Word Magazine
“Bring Your Own re-affirms Led Bib's place as one of the most inventive and enjoyable of British jazz bands.” All About Jazz
“Flash, brash and brimming with an irrepressible anarchic vigour, more than anything, Bring Your Own is a thing of unfettered joy.” BBC Music Online
"This is music that's so simply enjoyable even a child could dig it. Get into the groove!" Artrocker
“Bring Your Own consolidates Led Bib’s position as one of the most exciting young groups around in any genre” The Jazz Mann
“You’ll be hard pressed to keep the lid on this explosive tour de force of ensemble intelligence” The Independent
“This is the sound of a band having fun… like a hot chainsaw through butter. The Wire
“…a masterpiece of musical foreboding” The Metro
"Like crossing the road in a reverie and being run over by a passing bus - but in a pleasing way" Evening Standard
Previous concerts include:
North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland
London Jazz Festival
Jazzfest Berlin, Germany
Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Austria
Wiesen Jazz Festival, Austria
Music Unlimited, Austria
Gateshead International Jazz Festival
Freiberger Jazztage, Germany
Jazztage Ilmenau, Germany
Haarlem Jazz Stad, Holland
Jazz and More, Romania
Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway
Ornette Coleman's Meltodown(supporting Ornette)
Jazz Cafe, London (supporting Pharoah Sanders)
Jazz em Agosto, Portugal
Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Vortex Jazz Club, London
Ronnie Scott's, London
Metelkova, Ljubljana
Jazz Art Festival, Poland
Lublin Jazz Fest, Poland
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Royal Festival Hall, London
L'Archiduc, Brussels
Recyclart, Brussels
United Islands Festival, Prague
Jazz Dock, Prague

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