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The Wah Wah Collective What You Need to Know

Background information
Origin London
Nu jazz
Neo soul
Alternative dance
Hip hop
2001–2005, 2009-Present

Greasy Geezers,
I-innovate (UK)

Fiona Faye, Stark, The Andrea Duo, Abdul
Shyllon, Angiee, Soulem Productions, Mel
Glynn, Christine Corinaldesi, Bada Badoo,
Finimo Kieribo

Mathieu Karsenti
Najero Okenabirhie
Sanya Lerin
Notable instruments
Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Guitar, Moog, Analog

"The Wah Wah Collective" were initially a London based neo-soul underground music group
who released vinyl only EP's and Singles from 2002-2005. The music group gained notoriety for
their mixture of neo-soul with alternative dance. The Wah Wah Collective founding members
were Georgeyo and Najero Okenabirhire. The Wah Wah Collective were on the Greasy Geezers
imprint label distributed by Kudos Records, Goya and Pinnacle. The Greasy Geezers label was
the creation of Najero Okenabirhie who previously worked with Sanctuary Music Management.
The sister arm of the Wah Wah Collective were a latin /acoustic based group called Gafanhoto
Lingo an additional project created by The Wah Wah Collective founding members. Gafanhoto
Lingo were accompanied by guitarist/ vocalist Mathieu Karsenti.

Critical Reception
The Wah Wah Collective were warmly received by the UK underground urban media in the
early 00’s. Wah Wah releases were often reviewed by genre leading UK publications.
"Pete Mclntyre, IDJ Magazine - R&B Soul Tunes Review, March 2004"
" ‘London’s Wah Wah Collective under the guidance of veteran producer Georgeyo hit playdirt
with this superb double-header. ‘Tell Me Why’ is a superb late night slinky groove featuring the
feline purr of vocalist Fiona Faye; Flip-over to ‘Gordo’ for a breezy Cuban influenced dancer
guaranteed to get you moving. Excellent."

"Dom Servini, Straight No Chaser - Singles Review, Spring 2004"
" ‘Not to be confused with the record label with the same name, The Wah Wah Collective come
through with their second 12” release, and it’s the best so far. Fiona Faye’s vocals fit really
nicely in to this downtempo jazz ditty with its tender fender rhodes and soulful strings. Perfect
after-hours listening".

"Matilda Egere-Cooper, Blues & Soul Magazine - Singles Review, April 2004"
"‘This is R&B jazz well done. Producer Georgeyo has built up an impressive track record over
the last few years, and the track offers a snapshot of his predominantly jazz sound, with other
styles sneaking in here and there. Track number two ‘Gordo’, provides more of an earthly
vibrant percussive vibe-straight out of Cuba - and where ‘Tell Me Why’ whispers ‘sun-down’,
this one is sunny Balearic beach bar music. If that’s your thing. You’ll dig it. (Verdict : Smooth
soul vibrations for the sophisticated set)".

Radio Reception
Several titles from the Wah Wah Collective roster were supported with UK National Radio
airplay on shows such as Rosie Kendrick (Late Lounge) (Smooth 102.2 FM), Patrick Forge (The
Cosmic Jam - Kiss 100 FM) and also on US radio with pioneering groove jazz radio DJ Rafe
Gomez who hosted the nationally syndicated radio show "The Groove Boutique" from 2003
through to 2008.

The Mid 00’s
After releasing several tiles on vinyl the music group decided to venture in to different projects.
Georgeyo set up another leftfield group called Stark (Futuristica Music). Najero left the band and
set up I-innovate Communications a video production / indie label. I-innovate (UK) who
maintained ownership of the Greasy Geezers label roster and music archive. Greasy Geezers the
imprint was disbanded and turned in to a dance production house under the I-innovate (UK)
Mathieu Karsenti former guitarist/vocalist for Gafanhoto Lingo went on to set up the production
and composing company Intricuts music focusing on music compositions for TV, film, theatre
and multimedia. Notable clients were the Britain's Got Talent, Series 3 (ITV, 2009) winners

2010 Onwards
I-innovate (UK) utilized the Wah Wah Collective archive to resample and release a single by
performer Bada Badoo from X-Factor, UK series 7 (ITV/SYCO, 2010). Conceptual Love was
based on the unreleased Wah Wah Collective song ‘Quartet Junkie’. A future Wah Wah
Collective album was planned to be released by I-innovate (UK) showcasing unreleased material
and digitally re-mastered versions of their original vinyl releases over the last ten years with
additional contributions from affiliated artists.
Cry Baby Soul the long awaited debut album by The Wah Wah Collective was released on 24th
February 2014 showcasing remastered versions of previous releases alongside new recordings.
The digital release was accompanied by vinyl re-issues.
From September 2012 The Wah Wah Collective released rare groove hip hop based tasters to
support their forthcoming album. In August 2013, wah wah promo material ‘You
Are Somebody (Eternal Inspiration)’ featured on the US/San Francisco based compilation
‘Earwax ZipTape Delta’ (Allied Forces Press).In 2014 The Wah Wah Collective twitter brand
@thewahmama was nominated for The 2013 Shorty Awards for Best Social Media Campaign.

Singles & EPs
· "Everytime" (Greasy Geezers, vinyl re-issue 2014)
· "Prying Eyes" (Greasy Geezers, vinyl re-issue 2014)
· "Tell Me Why" (I-innovate (UK), 2004-13)
· "Gordo" (Greasy Geezers, vinyl re-issue 2014)
· "Life On Your Mind" (Gafanhoto Lingo) (Greasy Geezers, 2004)

· "Cry Baby Soul" (I-innovate (UK), 2014)

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