Friday, 25 July 2014

Andrew McCormack What You Need To Know

Andrew McCormack is a composer and pianist at the peak of his creative powers. Born in 1978 in the UK and now residing in New York, McCormack has built a formidable reputation as one of Britain's hottest pianists and a skilful composer of huge talent.
In 2007 he burst onto the scene with his debut album, Telescope, a masterful record converging McCormack's inimitable free flowing melodic lines with his rhythmic impulse.
Since then, McCormack has extensively toured the globe as a bandleader with his trio and with the saxophonist, Jason Yarde. The McCormack&Yarde Duo released a series of highly acclaimed albums including MY Duo in 2010, and Places And Other Spaces in 2011.
McCormack has been a driving force within the groups of A- listers Kyle Eastwood, Eric Alexander, Denys Baptiste and Jean Toussant, as well as a host of other leading artists.
Having developed and honed a skilfully original approach to writing and performance in the jazz tradition, he’s able to captivate audiences with his emotional and expressive style.
His music is quality-driven with a yearning emotive aesthetic, which may be described as quintessentially British. Yet, his move to New York has brought out a greater depth to swing, interplay and mesmeric live sound.
The result is a world-class pianist and formidable composer, who is ready to take that defining next step on to the international stage as a solo artist. With a stable home at Edition Records, new management, a host of weighty press campaigns and a new forthcoming trio album with New York musicians (Zack Lober on bass and Colin Stranahan on drums), 2014 looks set to be the most defining year of Andrew McCormack's musical career to date.

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