Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Rogier Telderman Alll You Need To Know

Pianist Rogier Telderman emerges as an authentic voice in the European music scene, and can be found at the contemporary classical halls as well the premier jazzclubs. With Telderman, composition and improvisation melt over into one another. 'Music to me is like a living organism.' Telderman remarks. He finds finds value in creating music which has a distinct personal character, and music that communicates with its audience. A composer who doesn't shun adventure or the use of beautiful sound-colours, and whose refreshing style was quickly noticed by the international community. On the debut album 'Contours' (2015) with his trio, All About Jazz wrote "an album notable for its varied musical and emotional range as well as for its excellent musicianship". And the album was regarded one of the best albums of the year by UK's Kind Of Jazz.

In 2016 the young pianist was recently elected best jazz artist of 2016 by Dutch jazzbookers. who offered his trio with bassist Guus Bakker and drummer Tuur Moens an extensive tour throughout the Netherlands. In the fall of 2016 the Rogier Telderman Trio continued to reinvent the stories written by its bandleader on stage in Poland, while grasping its listeners from the very first notes.

"An album notable for its varied musical and emotional range as well as for its excellent musicianship”  9/10 - AllAboutJazz, Bruce Lindsay

As a composer, Rogier Telderman takes on other adventures which challenge his role as a musician and composer. Besides for his trio, Telderman composed piano-solo repertoire, and wrote works for piano and vibraphone duo. He composed for vocal soul group MELPHI with which he recorded, produced and released an EP in 2011 and co-produced the full digital album ‘Through the Looking Glass’ in 2014. For contemporary ensemble TEMKO, Telderman composed new music, produced their debutalbum ‘Darkness Rises’ and wrote and arranged for their collaboration with Swiss ECM-pianist Nik Bärtsch.

November Music awarded the young pianist with a free composition assignment for which he founded the ensemble TRIPTYCH, named after Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch known for his fantastic imagery, detailed landscapes and narratives. With Turkish trombonist Efe Erdem, Romanian clarinettist Alex Simu and German-born flutist Mark Alban Lotz, the ensemble gathers some of Europe's finest wind-instrumentalists. Together with electronics and with Telderman sitting at the piano, the chamber music ensemble transcends the traditional musical genres, creating musical landscapes influenced by ambient music, improv and minimal music.

Contours is one of those recordings that pours out the melodies like a heady wine from a bottle that’ll never even come close to reaching empty. Pianist Rogier Telderman leads a trio that keeps every glass full... A seriously enchanting album."
Bird Is The Worm, Dave Sumner (US)

Telderman's music is being broadcast regularly by both Dutch and foreign radio, and he recorded several times for Dutch national television. Telderman performed at both the classical and jazz venues such as Het Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, TivoliVredenburg, 12on14 jazzclub, Piec’Art Krakow, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, De Doelen, LantarenVenster, Concertzaal De Vereeniging, Bimhuis, Blue Note Poznan, Bird, Porgy & Bess, Grand Theatre and Vertigo Jazzclub, has been honoured with his own concert series by the Chassé Theater, gave a showcase at Classical NeXt, and performed at festivals such as Transition Jazz, November Music, Roma Jazz festival, Jazz in Duketown, Jazz at Home, Wschód Piekna, Deventer Jazz, Dag in de Branding, and Wonderfeel.

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