Monday, 10 October 2016

Track Listings for The Boogie Wonderland Show 6th October 2016

Below is the track listing for the Boogie Wonderland show dated 6th October 2016. A link to the show can be found here:

The Boogie Wonderland Show -06/10/2016 Playlist
A June & J Beat
 I Don't Know
Alton McClain & Destiny
 My Destiny
Alec Khaoli
 Neguinho Poeta
Dave Hollister
Little Anthony & George Benson
 Electric Together [Nigel Lowis MIX] [ DSG Master]
Magic in Threes
Come On Down
Mather featuring Alan Hook
Nick Waterhousen
 Its Time
 Tokyo Melody
 Pode Chorar
Benjamin Jephta
  Prayer for
Benjamin Jephta Interview
 Part 1
Benjamin Jephta
  The Blessing
Benjamin Jephta Interview
 Part 2
Benjamin Jephta
Benjamin Jephta Interview
 Part 3
Benjamin Jephta
 One for the Plein (part 1)
Benjamin Jephta Interview
 Part 4
Benjamin Jephta
  One for the Plein (Part 2)
Benjamin Jephta
  Hymn for Ada
Count Basie
 Meet B B
Count Basie
Count Basie
 Rat Race
Count Basie
The Big Walk
Count Basie
 For Lena and Lennie
Robert Glasper Exprience
 Day to Day
Mark Fox
 Walk Spirit Talk Spirit
 Space Walk
Snow Owl
 She Became a Thousand Birds
The Breath
 The Toll
Rantama Trio

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